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the tigers and now they are soaking in the glow of victory. the san francisco giants arrived today and as kron 4's dan kerman tells us, he was there at at&t park. >> the buses carrying the san francisco giants returned to a cheering crowd outside at&t park. 4:40 p.m. monday afternoon. many of the players and their families were glad to be back in town and overwhelmed with what the team accomplished. >> humbling. i can't believe it. grateful to be a part of it. >> reporter: world series mvp pablo sandoval grabbed the world series trophy and walked it up for the fans to see and then passed it to sergio romo who capped the series by striking out the last three batters. >> unreal. unreal. the city definitely derves this, the team -- deserves this, the team. what a ride. what a way to reward everybody. >> reporter: this is the weekend world series trophy for the giants in three years. and manager bruce bochy says this is extra sweet. >> with our backs against the wall, makes this more special. it is amazing, historic and eventually they will sit back this winter and realize what they a
, about a million people are expected to crowd into san francisco today for all kinds of events. up next a live report on what to expect, including some pretty pricey parking. only on 7, cell phone robberies are on the increase in san francisco as thieves get more brazen. we will show you exclusive video of the crooks in action. good morning, i'm terry mcsweeney. don't tell me there's nothing to do today. let's check the forecast with meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning, everyone. here's a look at the roof camera where we have partly cloudy conditions around most of the bay, but the fog is dense from santa rosa, napa, marijuana county. so be careful. visibility has been reduced. but this afternoon we will get into partly cloudy skies. it should be nice out there. but you will need the jacket, sunglasses. numbers in the mid-60s at our shoreline, across the bay upper 60s by the afternoon. inland east bay should see mid-70s, then we will quickly cool after the sun sets. it should be a nice afternoon. looks like a repeat performance for sunday. we do have a system lurking offshore that
delays in cash lanes. we have some street closures around san francisco because of the giants parade. we'll tell you about it. much more on your morning commute coming up. >> we know it's going to be bad but this is pretty devastating. >> we'll rebuild it. no question in my mind we'll rebuild it. >> the rescues and repairs continue this morning as victims of the super storm sandy are making plans to put their lives back in order. it's going to take months for the east coast to recover from sandy. at least 55 people are dead from the storm, more than 6 million homes and businesses still without power downing from 8.5 million at the worst. the total cost could be $50 billion. cbs reporter ines ferre is in new york where the recovery is under way. >> reporter: the storm has moved from the shore but devastation is obvious. homes buried or destroyed, boats toss add shore. >> very difficult day. >> reporter: the national guard spent the day rescuing new jersey residents. a tidal surge up the hackensack river pushed water up in a matter of minutes. >> within a matter of minutes the basement was
for another day in san francisco? >> daughter [laughter] >> it has been awesome. we got an extra day. i do not mind. >> i checked with the airport and if you have travel plans? the best thing you can do is to call your specific airlines to see if any these delays or cancellations should impact you. reporting from s f o, kron 4. >>jacqueline: it is weakening but as we take a look at the satellite and radar is still a lot of rain fall on the east coast and heavy snow still west virginia, another foot of snow. the blue we indicated the snowfall the purple is indicated the mixture. it is parked with overnight hours with blizzard warnings in effect. that is the purple. blizzard warnings for this area of the pink, the white our winter weather advisories. still, the threat to throw in york, pa., you can see that rainfall the we're still seeing in a new market- pennsylvania. it is over pennsylvania right now and we are going to continue to track it to the north over new york, no overnight with climbing pressure towards canada overnight. -- we could see some possibly improving conditions in 24 hour
to the deverick. >>> topping our news for the second time in three years, the san francisco giants are world champions. they swept the detroit tigers with a 4-3 victory in extra innings of game 4. [ cheers and applause ] >> got him looking! and the giants have won it all! >> he struck out miguel crab a to end the game in the 10th inning and marco scutaro with the big hit, a two-out sing that will brought in the go- ahead run. the giants say it was a team effort. >> enjoy every minute of it. it was hard-earned and incredible group of guys that fought for each other. >> certainly is an incredible group of guys. this is the second giants world championship in three years. they're the first national league team to complete that since the cincinnati reds in the 1970s. >>> some rowdy giants fans trashed the street of san francisco overnight. ali rasmus is here to show us what vandals did. >> reporter: well, this is where part of the celebration became very messy, ugly, and smelly, out on 16th and mission, which is behind us. you can see the remnants of one of the burnt-out dumpster in the middl
. >>> happy to say for the second time in three years, the san francisco giants are world champions. they swept the tigers a four to three victory in extra innings. >> got him looking and the giants have won it all! >> triple crown winner miguel cabrera, in the top of the tenth, marco was bringing in the go ahead run. it was a team effort. >> we went out there to enjoy every minute of it and it was hard earned and just incredible, incredible group of guys that fought for each other. >> this is the giants' second world championship in three years. they are the first national league team to accomplish that feat since the cincinnati reds in the mid 1970s. >>> bad fans were in the streets of san francisco celebrating the giants, but in some parts of the city, the celebration turned ugly. our reporter is live at 16th and mission where vandals caused damage and destruction. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dave. up until just about an hour ago, there was a huge mess out here in the middle of mission street from 16th all the way up to 24th. right in the middle of the street you can
's the best day to be a san francisco giants fan. >> certainly the right colors. city will be all decked out in black and orange for today's big victory parade. that starts in just a couple of hours and people already packing trains and buses to get into the city. we have live team coverage. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec on the left with beefed up patrols for the rowdy fans but first we kick it off with cate caugiran along the parade route with people already staking out seats for the parade. isn't that right? i can see them behind you. >> reporter: you think we wake up early? true giants fans wake up earlier than us. people are already lining up on market street where the parade route will begin so they have been here and ready for it and so has the city. the city has been setting up. you can take a look they have been working nonstop to set up the big stage for our world series champs at the civic center plaza. giants president larry baer, bruce bochy, pablo sandoval will be given speeches. bay area transit groups have been hard at work with all hands on deck. they have been advising fans al
bridge traffic light at this hour but the fog will be a factor. 280 northbound san francisco king street that extension closed. at&t park celebration got out of hand they are still cleaning up expect that closure to be lifted 6:00 this morning. roadwork in the north bay northbound 101 through cortamadera past village shopping center down to two lanes. >>> that clean up in a second. giants are waking up world series champions this morning. with that final out, which we look at now in the 10th inning, they celebrate their sweep of the tigers. at home the celebrations that began peacefully, turned rowdy and destructive in several pockets of the city. amy hollyfield kicks off live team coverage. >> reporter: to celebrate the sweep, a lot of street parties erupted down near the ballpark and market street. it included vandalism. look at this shot from sky 7, shows a bonfire lit here in the middle of the action at the ballpark at 3rd and king street. people were celebrating, dancing, popping champagne, spraying it all over the place. the big bonfire in the middle of the street also a car was ov
: it was a must have business meeting that brought marty and colleagues to san francisco. getting back home was an even more desperate effort. >> it is an anxiety. i know my house will be under water and my son's house will be under water. we hope for the best. >> hell. no other word. hell. i have a wife at home. >> reporter: he spent the morning changing the flight. >> our flight was supposed to leave at 6:00 now. that was to chicago. now we're trying another option to go to l.a. we're changing. okay. we're going back to l.a. >> l.a. to new york tomorrow. >> reporter: with an average of a dozen delays on a good day. there have been 1,400 canceled flights. most of them between sfo and the northeast airport. the couple more than a fluke. >> i live in san diego. expect the best weather in the whole united states. it is fogged in. that is crazy. >> reporter: it has been crazier for the two who are bracing themselves for what they will see when they get home hopefully tomorrow afternoon. >> we can fix the property. that is not the issue. everybody has to be safe. that's all we're praying for. >
'll tell you what will be happening overnight. >> reporter: we're live in san francisco where police are shooting for the suspect of one shooting. >>> and where police are searching now for a serial bank robber. why they are asking for your help this morning. "mornings on 2" begins right now. >>> welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. >>> two down, two to go. two in the driver's seat. claudine wong is live covering the giants' departure. is it a little quiet there claudine? >> reporter: it's quiet. the barricades are up. that means when the barry kids are up the team is close. they have to get on the road and go to detroit. their flight is supposed to be about 10:00. there's been activity all night long and morning. i want to show you some footage. hopefully, they are getting some slope right now. game 3 is tomorrow night. drivers will be in the driver's seat. game 2, much different from one game 1. no big homers but a performance by madison bumgartner and sergio romo. the fans love it. but the pressure is on. >> it's our style and we play a lot of close ga
ended. tony ben yet singing "i left my heart in san francisco" then the song "we are the champions" was being played. i saw people crying. such a great day. the giants president says hey, can we do this again every october? live at civic center abc 7 news. >> what a party that was. >> i think they're going to need that golden broom on the streets. >> yes. this began on market street. of course. and as larry mentioned just tons of confetti out there. >> we heard carolyn tyler reverence the tony ben yet song, so emotion for everybody. let's listen in to that. let's go to wayne freedman who is live still probably on market street now. >> market street looks like a love tornado going on. take a look at the graffiti. here comes the fire department. people still celebrating. this is going to have to pass for fall leaves on halloween night. a meeting, here is how it looks earlier. what a crowd. what a ferver. one girl skipped school told us she had world series fever, maybe a million people shared this ailment. only one cure, let's hear from will clark and tim lincecum. >> it's fun to com
francisco -- alex savidge is live at san francisco international airport airport with the very latest on cancellations there. >> reporter: good morning, yes. all the way across the country, sfo being impacted by sandy. just got an impact -- just got an update. a total of 150 flights have been cancelled -- canceled. here is a look at the board this morning. there is a flight to washington, d.c. weather cancellations are being felt for many east coast destinations. >> sfo to six key cities, boston, philadelphia, new york, newark, washington, d.c. and baltimore. any one trying to get to those cities may have to bait several days. most of the -- may have to wait several days. other flights are feeling the effect, american, jetblue, virgin, u.s. airways and delta. the airlines are trying to book people on other flights. this storm is causing major problems causing a significant effect on the west coast. it's difficult to say how long the cancellations are gonna extend to, obviously all of the frights are -- flights are canceled for today. i think it's reasonable to expect some cancellation
be a little different morning, i imagine because of the parade in san francisco. of course a lot more people, a lot of the b.a.r.t. lots are filling up quickly. so just make plans if you are still trying to get to the city. maybe you can get a friend or take the bus to the b.a.r.t. station. we have more people getting in through. i had a friend of mine say, what's going on? why are all of these people going into the city. then i told them why and i told them it would be a bigger backup than usual. this morn's commute is gonna be moving along fine getting to the oakland airport. contra costa county, westbound highway 4. a lot of slow traffic here, also 680 between pleasant hill and walnut creek. >>> sal, twitter is just alive, the parking lot is full. >> we do have cloudy skies, our system is on its way. i think it gets here later than sooner. if we're in the north bay, take the trick or treaters out early. i think the system will slow down. there's been some drizzle. i think that will let up and it will be mild. near 60 degrees. our system is trying to work its way in. it pushed in a lot of
fish -- fisherman's wharf and the golden gate bridge. >> san francisco how bad can it be. >> reporter: for others staying is not an option. the doctor has paints scheduled for chemotherapy. he flew -- has patients scheduled for chemotherapy therapy >> st. louis through denver, three hour layover and drive to massachusetts, 22 hours. >> logistical nightmare. >> it mess. i hope we are safe driving. >> reporter: ellen cannes wait for her flight -- can't wait for her flight tomorrow. >> yesterday i had to spend the whole day getting my meds. he i had to take care of running around because i was stuck. >> that was lilian kim reporting from sfo. terry mcsweeney at sfo has given us information there may be some hope that a few flights to the east coast out you of sfo may resume today. we'll keep tracking that. for up-to-date information on flight cancellations and delays, go to the flight tracker abc7news.com. >>> bay area pitching in to help communities hit by the aftermath of hurricane sandy. members of the california national guard are headed east, 88 troops took off yesterday. they repor
in san francisco, not wet but fog go meteorologist mike nicco will have the full forecast, coming up. and we'll check in with sue hall in the traffic center. >> mike is also tracking sandy to let you know what is going on there. also the world series win turns into a fashion statement. statement. late night effort to make i moved to new york to work in fashion. so i had to look the part. t.j.maxx is such a great place cause i know when i go in there, i'm gonna score. they've got such great deals on all my favorite brands. fashion direct from designers. savings direct to you. t.j.maxx. >>> check out the visibility we've improved in concord up to a mile quarter mile in napa still same in santa rosa, improved in half moon bay to 3/4 of a mile, definitely an ebb and flow to the fog this morning as we have about a three to seven mile per hour wind around most of the bay area dense fog will hang around until at least 8:00 this morning. that means it will be below a quarter of a mile. i think the fog will hang around until 9:00, 10:00 then sunshine 60s coast into san francisco low to mid 70
process begins. >>> and the floats are ready, the balloons are getting blown up. san francisco preparing for millions of giants fans. >> some fog and drizzle now, but could rain move in for the parade? we'll talk about that coming up. >> and if you are planning on heading into san francisco this morning, for the ticker-tape parade, all mass transit so far on time. much more on the parade coming up. >> good morning. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. it's 5:00. >>> the recovery from the super storm sandy is continuing. it's a huge. >> it be wil take months. at least 55 people are dead, more than 6 million homes and businesses still without power, down from 8.5 million at the worst. the total cost could hit $50 billion. cbs reporter ines ferre is in new york where the city is beginning to bustle again. >> reporter: new yorkers are trying to regain a sense of normalcy. they are trying to restore power and mass transit. >>> reporter: the storm moved away from the shore but the devastation left behind is obvious. homes devastated or destroyed, boats tossed ashore. >> very difficult
and fantastic san francisco giants are just one win away from the world championship. thank you for joining us, i'm ama daetz. an exciting win for the giants. that gives them a 3-0 edge toward another world series trophy. we have live team coverage of the win. we begin with larry beil who is here with highlights. shut them out. >> larry: incredible and fantastic. sums it up. the giants just one win away from capturing their second world sear title. they shut out detroit and they can wrap things up tomorrow night. the giants, in game three, jump out to another early lead. second inning, gregor blanco, deep to right center, off the wall. scores pence, and the giants take the 1-0 lead in the second, crawford, pride of pleasanton jimmy,0 there austin jackson misplays it. jackson scores. coward goes to second. ryan vogelsong, gets berry on the double play ball, 5 2/3 scoreless innings. timmy time. tim lincecum, striking out prince fielder and then andy dirks to end the eighth. sergio romo in the ninth. one, two three, gets infante to end it. the giants do it again. again by a 2-0 score, just like g
travelers. kira klapper joins us from san francisco international with more. >> reporter: 150 flights through sfo are cancel now. it is only expected to get worse for bay area travelers as the week progresses and hurricane sandy strengthens. hurricane sandy is already making enemies. >> this was my first time flying. i feel like flying is horrible and i don't want to do it again. >> reporter: 18-year-old rebecca's flight new jersey of yesterday from new jersey was delayed turning what should have been a six hour trip into 11 hours then missed her connection to burbank. >> most of us missed our flight because it got here at 11. >> reporter: 150 flights, 75 departures and 75 arrivals in and out of sfo cancelled, leaving thousands of customers stranded since the cancellations began yesterday. >> what we are seeing today is a full cancellation of essentially all flying to and from the major east coast cities. this includes washington, d.c. airports, new york airports and boston as well. >> reporter: passengers are urged to check before coming to the airport. some who were proactive are st
there will be flocking to san francisco for the parade. caltran and the golden gate ferry offering extra services well. this all happening before and after the big parade so you can get to and from that. or you can stay home and avoid the crowds but still enjoyed the hoopla. [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> we are tracking the status on hurricane sandy. >> large sections of track was washed out on the new jersey coastline. power lines and trees have falling along new jersey transit railway's across the state. several brokerages have been damaged by storm surge at including bolts and other debris loss of the real world tracks. the rail station of said hoboken and european station were impacted significantly by flooding. regarding our drintni are trapped
years. >>> watch it right in front of san francisco city hall where thousands of other fans. we are live in the city right now with more. allie? >> reporter: this is where they will set up a 14-foot tall screen, right where you see the people standing here. they are in charge of assembling that giant screen that is going to go up. you will start to see them doing the work in the next hour or so. it is a big process. but the screen is broadcasting game four of the world series. you can see, there are a couple of fans out here. they came out early to secure a good spot. everybody we have drunks. >> reporter: they took the bart in from union city. they have been here ever since. one brother is wearing a panda hat. the other is a horse mask. that is for of starting pitcher matt cain. >> the postseason turned around. they are surprised especially the tigers. but they really turned the team around. they are pitching. hitting well. perfect game. >> some wants a sweep. they like to bring it back to the city. but get it done tonight. >> this isn't the first time there is a world series watching p
on sandy's impact. >>> streets in downtown san francisco are back open right now after a suspicious package was found in the financial district, prompting police to bring out the bomb squad. a suitcase was found dangling from a tree near market street and the embarcadero this morning. nearby buildings were evacuated and a shelter in place was ordered for the ferry building. a bomb robot investigated and found the package to be harmless. the site of today's bomb scare is actually the start of tomorrow's ticker tape parade honoring the san francisco giants. the victory parade is expected to draw more than a million people to the city. nbc bay area's monte francis is live in san francisco with what is being done to prepare, and what you can expect if you're heading there. monte? >> reporter: janelle, we're here at pier 54, where workers are putting the final touches on the floats that will appear in tomorrow's parade. they are in pretty good shape right now. we just heard from the mayor a couple of hours ago. and he said the city is gearing up for what is promising to be a massive celebration.
here in the bay area. >> david louie joins us live from san francisco international airport with more, david? >> the question is closing down those airports... the word cancelled appeared all over the boards, some airlines set up areas just to handle paengss. dr. evans and the family saw their flight cancelled yesterday. he has cancer patients scheduled for chemotherapy. >> only way to figure out how to get home before waens was to fly to st. louis through denver with a three-hour layover, then drive to massachusetts. 22 hours. >> that is a nightmare. >> it's a mess, a mess. i just hope we're safe, driving. >> this passenger flying from l.a. to newark, new jersey. she ended up in san francisco. >> this is my first time flying so... i feel like flying is horrible. i don't want to do it again. >> the sheer volume of cancellations meant some couldn't reach the airlines by phone. >> i stayed on the phone 20 minutes. nobody answered. then you're on hold. >> if you want up to the date cancellations just go to abc 7 news.com. >> we'll have continuing coverage the rest of the evening. abc new
excited. well can remember two years ago they were on the cable cars going through downtown san francisco. a joyous occasion. >> we'll check back as the story develops throughout the newscast. >>> hurricane sandy has just made landfall in the northeast with sustained winds of 90 miles per hour. we've got team coverage now. but we're going to begin with jay gray. he is live. he is in cape may, new jersey, with the very latest toght. >> reporter: after stalking the eastern seaboard for days, sandy is gaining momentum and taking aim on the jersey shore. >> the storm is not at its apex yet. it's going to get worse between now and the next time i speak to you. >> reporter: in areas it's hard to believe things could get much worse. debris has been scattered, trees uproot and tossed into homes. floodwaters have already swallowed some roadways. piers have been ripped apart, and water is pushing up against houses. the path of early destruction covers several states, graphic evidence of the size of this storm. 700 miles wide, with hurricane-force winds stretching out 175 miles from the center. more
. >> it's great for the organization, more so great for our northern california region and san francisco. our fan base is maybe the best in sports. >> reporter: fans say seeing the team is well worth the wait. >> it's so awesome. i'm feeling a dynasty. >> we live and breathe the giants. we are so thrilled for them. >> good to be here last time in 2010. stoked to be here and welcome these guys home this time. >> reporter: among the fans, this 3-year-old who re-enacted some of the giants' pitchers' best moves and 2-year-old miguel diaz who is celebrating the clean sweep. they have tomorrow to rest before the big parade set for halloween. >> i think orange and black on halloween is very natural. but i think that's a way to actually do two birds with one stone. there were going to be people taking off that day anyway to celebrate the halloween day. >> reporter: this is video from the 2010 world series parade when tens of thousands of fans descended on market street as cable cars carried the players and their families. wednesday's parade will follow a similar path at the foot of market and we
their support from the stands but on this warm saturday night in san francisco, some fans prefer to be close to home field rather than a chilly comerica park. >> amazing, the best night. beautiful. the giants shut them out. a great night. >> we're going to do this thing! four games and out, buddy. how you lick like it now? >> it's a done deal. >> it is a done deal! [shouting] >> are you going to be okay with the four-game sweep? >> absolutely. christmas is coming early. you heard from santa claus. in four! woo! >> of course people mixed in their halloween celebrations with the world series cheering. after the game, hundreds of people spilled on to the plaza outside at&t park. a great night to be a giants fan in san francisco. now, if they do sweep this in four, it's pretty much a guarantee the crowds we saw here tonight are going to be much larger. with that in mind i had a conversation with two police lieutenants. they are right now putting together plans, should the giants sweep this in four, san francisco police tell me they're going to have plenty of police officers out here along with t
news. >>> woman of the worst destruct after the game happened in san francisco's mission district. that's where kira klapper joins us live. >> reporter: the aftermath of last night's celebration still remains this morning, not very much, i'll get out of the way so you can see some trash piles charged black they were much bigger a bit ago, trucks have been here all morning, streets are soaking wet from cleaning crews not from any sort of rain. let's get you to the video of what this aftermath is of. we have sky 7 hd video of revelers on mission street setting big bonfires. the fans were dancing and celebrating around the flames throughout the night they burned trash chance, couches, matresses, signs even newspaper racks. police and fire actually stood back most of the time they let the rowdy celebrations unfold. only when the flames threatened buildings fire crews had to be escorted in by police on dirt bikes, making room through the crowds, as you can imagine the streets were completely blocked. at times people jumped into the flames others flu gasoline creating some fire -- others thro
's necessary. >> tj, thank you. >> hurricane sandy forced cancellation of 150 flights in san francisco international airport. a number of airlines set a special to rebook thousands of passengers. some couldn't reach the airlines by phone to figure out what to do. there is a passenger that ended when 17 airports closed down. >> this is my first time flying. i feel like flying is horrible. i don't want to do it again. >> the situation not expected to improve and oakland airport not affected, as affected by the storms. there were some cancellations at san jose international airport. >> we're learning pg&e will be sending 150 employees to new york to help restore power. members of the international guard are sending help. abc 7 news has more on today's deployment a.and the mission. members of the 129th rescue wing are on a first name basis with a number of devastating hurricanes. >> first one in 1992, hurricane andrew, then reeta, ike and floyd he will kep conduct air rescue operations. the versatile helicopters being transported into the belly of the huge c 17 plane. once on the east coas
of the big storm on the east coast. allie rasmus is live at san francisco international airport right now to tell us how the storm could affect your travel plans not only on the east coast but other destinations and alley, it sound -- allie, is sounds like things are improving. >> reporter: they are. there are people checking in. it's getting busier as the morning goes on. you can see people checking in. at the virgin airlines people are checking in. >> what we're seeing is today about 50 departures and 65 arrivals being cancelled. that's about 115 total flights. there are some flights showing as operating, mainly later in the day, very tentative at this time. >> so 115 canceled flights. but that's compared to 150 yesterday. it's improving. it's all because of the impact of what was hurricane sandy. thousands us of flights in and out of the east coast. inside terminal 2, we got here at 3:0, and we found many people forced to spend the night because they had nowhere else to go to wait for their rerouted and rescheduled flights. many affected are international travelers to connect to other
mallicoat. let's get right out to san francisco civic center plaza. anne makovec is there in her orange ready for a big giants celebration. >> reporter: this is where the parade is going to end up this morning. you can see hundreds of people already packing the lawn in front of san francisco's city hall coming from all over the bay area all over the state. everybody is wearing their orange and black. so the presentation will start in front of city hall at 12:30. the parade starts at the base of market street at 11:00 and it is going to work its way straight down market street. that's a little different from the route it took in 2010. it is all going to be on market street. and again, end here at civic center plaza. of course, we have all the coverage for you but it's already packed. public transportation is already packed. so just watch the parade on tv if you are not big enough it brave these crowds. frank, back to you. >> if you are not en route, you might be out of luck. anne makovec live for us in san francisco. that all important weather forecast and traffic, too, for the parade a
-3. in the bottom of the tenth, san francisco sealed the sweep. >> again, the 2-2 pitch. got him looking! and the giants have won it all! >>> now to the nfl, peyton manning led the broncos to a 34-14 win over drew brees and the new orleans saints. atlanta remained the nfl's only unbeaten team with a 30-17 win over philadelphia. >>> just ahead, bill karins will have the very latest as the east coast braces for hurricane sandy. please stay with us. >>> welcome back on this monday. of course, the big weather story all across the country is what's going to happen with hurricane sandy as it makes landfall in new jersey later this evening. the only other weather system on the map is the one that went through the northwest yesterday, into billings later today. showery weather behind it. temperatures not bad, in the 60s. southwest still feeling very warm. one of the warmest spots in the country is from vegas to phoenix. tuesday's forecast a lot like today, nothing changes here with hit-and-miss showers in the northwest and a lot of sunshine continues with the west. all eyes will be on how much d
conditions--65 for downtown san francisco and 77 is expected for livermore. wets weather is on the way as trafft the bay bridge toll plaza now that the meteor lights have been activated. a 80 itself is starting to back up on the approach to the bridge. but we are incident free. it is still an 11 minute drive time and your commute to the golden gate bridge 11 southbound looks good. as we pick up the traffic maps will look first at the east bay traffic. it is a 21 minute drive from hercules to berkeley. there are no delays for south 680. the south bay freeway is just a little slow on 1 01 in the northbound direction. the marin is still not yet back up. >> in nationals 24 homes are burning out of control in queens, new york. 50 homes have already burned to the ground and two dozen are burning right now. there are nearly 200 firefighters on the scene try to get this fire under control. the flooding is making it difficult for them to get close to fight the fires. we have no word on whni back with more in a few minutes. >> the deadline is midnight for them to finish the floats for the parad
are expectedo swarm the city. so everyone is encouraged to avoid drivg to san francisco. all forms of public transportation are adding extra services. the parade begins at 11 o'c, at market and steuart stree. from there, players, coache, and other team officials wil head down market, to civic center plaza. you can watch the parade of champions here on cbs 5, beginning tomorrow at 11. we'll also stream it live os s-f dot com. >> you can watch the parade it have champions right here on cbs 5. we'll be live beginning tomorrow at 11. we'll stream is live. >> stunner from george lucas today. he is selling lucasfilms to disney. so basically the dark side has sold out to the happiest place on earth. princess leia elbow to elbow with mickey mouse. how about snow white anteseven ewoks. i can go on. linda yee on the film created empire that is going totally hollywood. >> reporter: it's a force even the toughest storm trooper. disney is guiding the star ship on a $4 billion deal that includes lucasfilms and his award winning effects franchises. in a company video statement george lucas said he's puttin
series winners got a big welcome when they returned to their home ballpark in san francisco. giants flew home from detroit boarded a fleet of team buses for the trip to at&t park. and as you can see, a ton of people on hand. the manager singing the praises of his team. >> this was a special group. and, you know, we're not saying good-bye. we'll be here a couple of days, then it will be, see you later. and we'll see what happens. but i can't say i have had more fun than what i had this year. >> giants players took turns showing off the trophy to the crowd. there it is. next up tomorrow, that trophy on display -- romo i don't think is going to give it up, though -- because of the big parade at 11 a.m., starting at market street ending at the civic plaza. the podium where the giants will stand show off the trophy tomorrow afternoon. of course we'll have live special coverage of the parade of champions here on cbs 5 and on cbssf.com beginning at 11:00 tomorrow. they are letting us outside. >> they are. should be exciting. >>> a new effort is under way to limit the power of san francisco she
on to other top story tonight, this is a beautiful shot of the plane carrying the san francisco giants rivaling at sfo this afternoon. it is getting a water salute from the fire trucks at the airport just as did when it left. the team arrived at sfo on their chartered 747 just after 4:00. there were fans and friends cheering as they walked off the plane. that is manager holding the trophy following the two pitchers. she carrying the bag and standing right in front of tim lincecum. then sergio romo and barry zito brian wilson and brian crawford and pablo sandoval and buster posey and madison bumgarner. sky7hd video of the team's six buses arriving in at&t. the manager says it's all about the team model, 25 players and one common goal. >> they are fun bunch. we let them be themselves. it's not a too bad. these guys were so unselfish and they played as 25 guys. it's amazing when you get a group that plays like that. this is yours, boys. they earned it. they deserved it. they were relentless and not going home. that is one trough at this they can have because we earned that one. >> pablo s
francisco plans to celebrate wednesday morning. >>> a suspicious fire is under investigation in san jose this morning. nobody was hurt in the fire that started about 4:00 at an abandoned gymnastics facility. traffic and weather in just a moment. >>> good morning. let's take you out towards the bay bridge. just cleared a stall out of lanes. unfortunately, we have delays in the cash and fast track lanes. metering lights have been on since 6:15 this morning. dense fog all across the bay area. heading across the golden gate bridge. here's a look at what you can see. 880 through oakland. stop and go from hey word through downtown. that is traffic. here's lawrence. >> sunshine for you. expecting clouds to give way. pleasanton. 40s and 50s. dense fog advisory along the coastline. some visibility less than a quarter mile. plenty of sunshine. mild temperatures. mid 70s there. 80 in liver more . 67 in san francisco. and 76 in santa rosa. next couple days we'll begin to clear out. nice day by wednesday evening could see showers. watch out for showers continuing into thursday. >>> welcome back to "
to "the five." ♪ ♪ >> greg: the real devastation is too hard to comprehend. it speak for san francisco lives who suffer from the fear of obama loss. this is their sandy. yep, according to sfget a article, "frisco lives" are suffering so much they can't exercise in their home gyms. they suffer from panic attacks. sleepless for days. while east coasters face real danger, they tremble at a world without obama. whose fault is that? sandra fluke didn't work. big bird flounder. smearing romney failed. all they have left is fear. their own. this is what happens when you make politics personal to cut yourself off from the rest of the world. the folks only know hard line progressives so to them it's not an election. it's the war of the worlds. we're like aliens bent on eating their brains. light meal. which is why the obama campaign is courting the same votes over and over again. putting birth control before benghazi is trick-or-treating on skipped ror. continually hitting the same house after all the candy is gone. you preach to the choir without growing it. could there be a link? maybe obama
with eight days before america votes. >>> the san francisco giants are world series champions. i'm veronica de la cruz. this is "first look" on msnbc. >>> this is d-day with hurricane sandy. waves are growing ever more om nis and the threat of storm surges from 4 to 11 feet high. this is the scene about 100 miles north of boston. hundreds of thousands have been told to evacuate in coastal a areas all the way into new england. the storm claimed 65 lives in the caribbean and has the potential to paralyze new york and other big cities. early this morning president obama has signed emergency declarations for connecticut, pennsylvania and rhode island, clearing the way for help from fema. let's get right to bill karins who has the latest forecast. what do you have? >> the storm has strengthened instead of 75 so that's very impressive that this storm continues to lower its pressure, even going over the cooler waters now and it's only about 386 miles away from new york city. it's actually moving at a pretty decent clip at 15 miles per hour so it's going to move in in a hurry. a lot of people are w
harvest moon in san francisco and the golden gate bridge, clearly visible here in the background. this is an indication no low clouds, no natural coolant coming off the pacific to keep us mild later on. it's going to be 80 degrees in san francisco. 52 in oakland, 55 to start in sunnyvale. let's take you to your hour-boy-hour forecast for livermore. stop the clock at 1:00 p.m., up to 90 degrees at 1:00. keep on climbing throughout the heat of the day, which comes in about 3:30, 4:00 p.m. 103 degrees in livermore today. 101 in concord, 80 degrees in san francisco. the good news is, though, jon kelley, temperatures drop off as we head through the middle of the week and then we hit the 70s and maybe showers by the weekend. so lots happening here. >> 25-degree drop. thank you very much, smoking out there. for the latest traffic and news updates, check us out on nbc bay area on facebook. we're pack in a half hour with more local updates. the "today" show rolls on. ♪ i want to fly like an eagle to the sea ♪ >>> have you ever wanted to see the world just like a bird? well, you have t
, news in san francisco. despite downpours, it's a happy town, at least if you're a giants fan. the giants take down the cardinals, 9-0, last night, overcoming a 3-1 deficit in the process. and so, earn a second trip to the world series in three years. next up, the detroit tigers, game one, tomorrow night. and if you're a dodgers fan, like say somebody i know, go, tigers. back to you guys. >> all right, josh. thanks so much. >>> moving on now to the latest on that deadly shooting at a wisconsin mall. learning more this morning about the gunman who opened fire at a spa there sunday morning. abc's alex perez has the story. >> reporter: this morning, we're hearing the voice of radcliffe haughton's wife, zina, describing one of his outbursts in courtroom audio. obtained by abc affiliate wisn. >> he pulled a gun from behind his pants. and it accidentally went off between me and my daughter's head. >> reporter: the audio was recorded as she sought a restraining order against her estranged husband october 18th. >> i don't want to die. i just don't want to die. >> reporter: she was gra
were killed in violence on sunday. the city of san francisco celebrated the giants' latest world series championship today. fans poured into the streets last night after their team swept the detroit tigers. the giants won 4-3 in ten innings to take their second title in three years. no national league team had swept a world series since the 1990 cincinnati reds. those are some of the day's major stories. now, back to judy. >> woodruff: it's become a ritual of modern presidential elections to look for an "october surprise," a late- breaking development that requires both sides to recalibrate. this year, it's come in the form of a massive storm. . >> crowley: scrambled campaign plans whether they were in the area affected by the hurricane or not. republican challenger mitt romney went ahead and held a rally in avon lake, ohio, this morning but said everyone's thoughts should be with those in the storm's path. >> u.s. with full hearts and clear eyes can see what's happening across the country right now. and on the eastern coast of our nation, a lot of people are enduring some very difficul
america great. earthquake took out san francisco and they built a better san francisco. the fire took out chicago and they built a better chicago. i certainly don't want the catastrophe to befall new york city. melissa: no. >> but we're going to have a better new york because that's what new yorkers do. listen to governor cuomo. melissa: we don't want to membership mize any injury to any person out there. obviously always tragic when anything like this happens and but this is a show about money and that's why we're talking about the money angle of it. >> yeah. melissa: there is insurance to cover a lot of the major damage that you're talking about. there is also federal rebuilding as well. that is a potential boom the travel industry was saying they might be the ones that really lose out because people don't travel. if you're somewhere people have to get back. who has a net loss over time that isn't recouped? >> it is somebody like the airlines the flights they lost these last couple days won't be necessarily recouped. certainly not all of them. the people who have direct loss of property
'm meteorologist christina loren. 7:21, orange sunrise for our san francisco giants this morning. this is san bruno. dense fog forced right to the surface will clear by about noon. you'll be at 72 inland at noon, 80 at 4:00 p.m. the coast upper 60s for today. we've got rain on the way on wednesday, halloween. we'll get some showers late that continues into thursday. >>> and that's your latest weather. savannah? >> just ahead, sand chip's impact on the presidential race. with the election now just eight days away as our coverage of the hurricane continues. but first this is "today" on nbc. . >>> we're going to have more on hurricane sandy coming up including its widespread impact on air travel nationwide. we'll give you a hint you're not getting there on the northeast. >> send us pictures of your storm. but first your local news and weather. [ female announcer ] you can make macaroni & cheese without freshly-made pasta. you could also cut corners by making it without 100% real cheddar cheese. but then...it wouldn't be stouffer's mac & cheese. just one of over 70 satisfying recipes for one from stouf
neck of the woods. >> i'm meteorologist christina loren live in san francisco getting really for the giants ticker tape parade. we're not expecting any showers over the course of the parade but starting at about 3:00 to 5:00, showers are expected north of the golden gate bridge so get your tricker treating done early. highs today are comfortable, mostly in the 60s. seven-day outlook shows you a warmer weekend ahead. est weather. matt? >> all right. thank you very much. >>> coming up -- how much can one neighborhood bear? our visit to a community devastated by 9/11, by the crash of american airlines flight 587 and now sandy. >>> plus, much more on the storm's devastation from above. but first, this is "today" on nbc. >>> a live look at that crane still dangling in manhattan d.human error play a role in its collapse? also, let's not forget it is halloween today. while we won't be dressing up, we'll help you get in the spirit. that comes up after these messages, your local news and weather. even ragu users chose prego. prego?! but i've bought ragu for years. [ thinking ] wonder
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